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  Light Art Installation | 2010

Light Art Installation | 2010

A piece of street furniture, a giant lamp or a shelter of light. All these descriptions only try to explain the meaning or usage to the spectator. The underlying concept was a cloud of light to provide a space which would surround the passer, appearing almost immaterial, but still highly responsive to people movements and the external environment. With Sharp’s new solar plated LED spot lights as the base, the idea was to encase these into light weight steel modules, creating an object to be shown at the “Luminale” exhibition as part of the “Light and Building” fair in Frankfurt, Germany in 2010.

Philipp Eichstädt (se•g architekten) in collaboration with Jason Bruges Studio (interactive light installations), London and Sharp (LED lighting), Hamburg

Image Copyrights: J. Bruges Studio / se•g architekten

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