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se•g | Spectrum of Services

We are often being asked what type of architecture we specialize in and the answer is:

We specialize in getting the process right.

Our expertise ranges from architectural and interior design of private dwellings and luxury villas to multi-storey housing, transport interchange buildings to public- and communal buildings. We are also involved in strategic master planning and project management to coordinate local planning and construction teams for our clients.

In addition to the portfolio of our studio se•g architekten we are looking back on more than 15 years of work experience in high profile architectural practises in Germany and the United Kingdom. During our woking life we have aquired a wide range of experiences ranging from initial project design through to commissioning and completion of large and complex projects.


se•g | Planning

We look at each project as a unique challenge which we approach in a reiterative process of analysis, testing and development. This process of permanent scrutiny and improvement evolves throughout all stages of our project, from initial conception through to supervision of the execution process.

Experience shows that it is the ability to form a project team involving all participants and stakeholders, that ensures a successfull product in the end.

Having learned from some of the best in the architecture world we know that quality delivery is based on quality design, sound strategic planning and excellent communication.


se•g | Design

Despite the need for structured project work we have not lost our love for working with our hands and to design and to create.

In order to deliver designs of the highest standards, we have to start the process by ascertaining our clients requirements and aspirations. This will ensure that we develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to the context and users needs through functionality, technical and construction requirements as well as visual quality. Good design is more than the combination of form and function. It is the ability to link all relevant aspects into a complex relation.

We undestand quality design as our contribution to an environment worth living in. For that reason we are concerned about the environmental impact of architectural and urban planning design with regards to the use of materials, natural resources as well as land and energy efficiency and are therefore committed to minimise such impacts.


se•g | Management

We work for the finished product, not the visualisation on the wall.

We view construction as the key stage of any project. It is for that reason that we strive not just to be involved but to actively lead the quality assurance processes that are necessary to manage and control the execution of our projects.

Good project management is about a structured workflow organisation and to determine the rules, responsibilities and interfaces of all planning and constructuion processes.

Active quality assurance of construction projects is critical and may be established from a certain project size as a separate role. In line with this we have helped to deliver the new terminal buldings in Varna and Burgas, Bulgaria as project managers of a project originally designed by Pascal Watson, London.


se•g | Development

"Is this the best we can do ?" is the question that we carry through every step of our work.

For that reason that we do not view our working tools and methods as predetermined and given but as something that requires questioning and improvement.

With a strong commitment to pioneering solutions and technologies we have developed several solutions helping us to optimize the way we work.